Jaron Wilks also known as KashMillz or KashMillion, was born on a hot summer day on the infamous South Side of Chicago.  As a child, KashMillz was an avid fan of many genres of music but found a deep love and appreciation for Rap/Hip-Hop.  Even as early as 2nd and 3rd grade, KashMillion would jot rhymes on paper and mimic his favorite artist on tape recorder.  By the time Kash was a Sophmore in highschool he had notebooks filled with drawings and rhymes displaying his artistic nature.  At the age of 17, Kash was discovered by now business associate Demetrius “Skema” Manning. The dynamic duo formed the witty wordsmith group “Skemz & Kash”.   The moniker “Kash” came from a shortening of the name Cassius in honor of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.  Kash admired Ali due to his creative play on words and braggadocios style. 


        In 2005 KashMillion and friends MarkAngelo “Doe” Robbins and Dante “Pre Dolla” Adkins formed the now powerhouse group “Doe Dolla Kash”.  Under the Doe Dolla Kash umbrella the team dropped its first project “96 Bulls” which gained the attention of fans and listeners nationwide.  Kash went on to drop 3-solo projects “Chronicles of KashMillion” (2008), “Ol Skool Playa, New Skool Gangsta” (2012), and “The Pharoah” (2013).  Kash has also been featured on numerous projects over the years including…. Earchild Productions “The Handbook” (2003), Prettie Tone’s “Farenheit 911” (2004), Prettie Tone’s “Independence Day” (2005), Nick Nitty’s “Change of Scenery Get It Mode” (2006), Sean Mac’s “Sold Out 8” (2006),  Gaggie’s “The Flip” (2007), DJ Speedy’s “The Spirit Of Chicago” mixtape (2010) so forth and so on. More recently Kash and Doe Dolla Kash have released an epic project titled “Birthday’s and Funerals” (Jan 2018).  KashMillion is also set to release his forth-solo project and arguably best to date “Thoughts Paintin Pictures” (Jun 2018).

Pre Dolla - Chicago Music Artist, Graphic Design Artist, Recording Artist, Custom Apparel